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Why good lawyers are like fresh milk

Good lawyers are like fresh milk - they are a perishable commodity and if you don’t act quickly they will be gone. In the 17 years that I’ve been recruiting lawyers, I have never seen a market quite like the current. For whatever macro or micro-economic factors are at play, there is a certain bullish [...]

Hey Partners, “what have you done for me lately?”

You’ve put in the hours, made compromises and sacrificed big for your firm. At some point, you’ve started to wonder whether it’s really worth sticking it out. Only you know when it’s time to move on. But if the headline caught your attention, chances are you’ve at least thought about what the next move might be. So, [...]

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Google map your career in 3 steps

The importance of setting goals can be likened to consulting a map. If you're setting out to go somewhere you haven’t been to before, you're more likely than not to need a map to help you get there. Setting goals is similar when considering your career map. 1. Set career goals To ensure that your goals [...]

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Use WD-40 to make your next job search smoother

Ok maybe not literally. We all know WD-40 the trusty anti-corrosive, right? Bet you didn’t know that the ‘WD’ stands for 'Water Displacement', but of more relevance is the ‘40’. Inventor Nom Larsen spent 5 years and had 39 failed attempts before he cracked it - hence WD-40. Sometimes job hunting can seem a bit [...]

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6 steps for hiring Lawyers

1. Don't hire if you don't have to Despite making a living from placing lawyers, I recommend my clients look at their surroundings and canvas all the alternatives before hiring a new person. Is the role necessary? Can existing staff take up the slack? Are their capabilities in-house already available who can transfer into [...]

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So you want to practise law in Australia?

If you are considering moving to Australia and practising law there are 3 key factors to consider. Migration The first step is your migration status. For non-residents or citizens to work in Australia you will need to hold a valid visa. There are various categories of visas that will provide you with working rights. Occasionally, [...]

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8 ways to build your personal brand with LinkedIn

Law is increasingly competitive with the rise of technological advances and changes in society. Gone are the days people just go to your company website. These days, many will check out your LinkedIn first. Whether you’re job hunting, gathering leads or networking with clients, having a professional eye-catching LinkedIn profile will build your professional brand [...]

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Number of legal job vacancies declines – what it means for Lawyers

The number of legal jobs advertised last quarter has dropped according to the latest Elias Job Index. Over the last quarter, there has been a decrease in the number of jobs advertised. However, that may not be all that significant to the legal job market and that the previous period, around Christmas time, saw a [...]

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How to handle a bad performance review

Getting a bad performance review – or even a less-than-great review – can be a career nightmare. But before you start drafting an angry resignation letter, remember there are ways you can turn the situation around without moving on.  In fact, the way you deal with a bad performance review could be a great opportunity [...]

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6 reasons to use a recruiter when hiring

I am obviously a recruiter and of course I would be telling you to use a recruitment agency – but here’re good reasons why…… 1. Don’t waste your advertising time & dollar Advertising is not as easy as it seems. There is an art to writing up the right advertisement and to target the right [...]

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