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State of the Legal Market: Recruitment Update

Elias Recruitment brings you the latest state of play in the Australian legal market, drawing on the Urbis National Profile of Solicitors Report – Urbis (2016) and a review of the State of the Legal Market by Melbourne Law School and Thompson Reuters Peer Monitor (2016). The profession is growing, aging and diversifying The Australian [...]

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Legal in-house roles… four tips to make the move

Looking to move in-house but unsure of where to start? Jason Elias, Managing Director of Elias Recruitment talks through key considerations before you make your move, and what you can do to prepare and be best placed to land an in-house role. 1 Roles are often not advertised “Often in-house jobs are not advertised,” observed Jason. [...]

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Seven simple steps to go from good lawyer to SUPER lawyer!

When clients select a lawyer, technical skills and knowledge are the basics they expect of a good lawyer. What can take you to the next level and differentiate you to prospective clients and increase loyalty with your current clients? After speaking with a number of key HR managers, here are several tips to take you [...]

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Have the best jobs come to you!

How to position yourself for headhunting. A few touches to your mobile phone and your groceries, an Uber or a pizza come to you. So why not a job? Many of the best jobs are never advertised so how do you hear about them? Good employers know that the best lawyers are so busy running their practices [...]

Legal Job Interview Questions

Preparing for legal job interview questions can be quite traumatic, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare. Preparing for a job interview So your job search may be coming to an end. All you need to do is get past the upcoming interview. So here's what you [...]

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Six simple steps to smashing your next job interview

Job interviews can be challenging, especially when it is a job you are really interested in. Here are six simple steps for your next job interview. 1. Be prepared! Study the job description and be ready to answer questions relating to the inclusions, and how your skills and experience fit the job brief. Get to [...]

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Does your firm’s website pass the test

Your website reflects your brand and personality. Not only do potential clients view it when searching for legal services, but potential candidates as well. Be sure to make a favourable first impression. Below is an article from Zaliet (our guest blogger), the only global provider of personalised websites for small law firms. Today they are [...]

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What I wish I’d known as a new lawyer

What makes the difference between a fresh graduate and a veteran lawyer often comes down to details – writing an email so a client clearly understands their legal options, or contributing effectively to a business meeting to win new work or consolidate an existing relationship. In August, The College of Law is hosting a one-day [...]

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Top five mistakes candidates make – and how to avoid them

As recruiters, we hear, see and are sometimes purely surprised by some of the easily avoided but common mistakes we see in the recruitment process. Here are some tips to help you along the recruitment process. 1. Overdoing a cover letter There are circumstances that do require cover letters. Cover letters are not the place [...]

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Why good lawyers are like fresh milk

Good lawyers are like fresh milk - they are a perishable commodity and if you don’t act quickly they will be gone. In the 17 years that I’ve been recruiting lawyers, I have never seen a market quite like the current. For whatever macro or micro-economic factors are at play, there is a certain bullish [...]

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