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Spruce up your resume in four easy steps

Recruitment season is fast approaching. If you’re looking to make your next move this year, it’s prime time to sharpen or ‘smarten’ your resume! Here are four tips to ensuring your resume gets noticed by recruiters and potential employers. 1. Highlight your accomplishments, recent projects, publications Lead with your accomplishments, especially if you have a [...]

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Legal market cools slightly in Second Quarter FY18

The end of 2017 saw a slight drop in legal hiring, with a slight 4.49% decrease in legal jobs advertised from the first to second quarter FY18. This may in part be due to the Christmas break, with many offices winding down activity over summer. This reflects an overall buoyancy in the legal market, led [...]

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Six things lawyers can learn from a workplace culture legend

Ronnie Altit is passionate about creating great corporate culture. As founder and CEO of IT Company Insentra, Ronnie saw Insentra place fourth out of 150 companies in the 2017 Great Places to Work survey. Speaking at the inaugural Legal HR Meetup, Ronnie shared six major insights into how he fostered a happy and collaborative corporate [...]

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How to future-proof your legal career in the age of Robots

New Law, disruption, legaltech – these buzzwords herald a shift in how the legal profession sees itself, innovations in technology drive down costs and clients demand more for less. There’s good news however, the doom and gloom around robots coming for the jobs of lawyers is largely unfounded. A recent survey by the Law Society [...]

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Corporate/ M&A leads legal jobs surge in the first quarter FY18

The first quarter of FY18 saw an overall jump in the number of legal jobs advertised, with 480 jobs listed in July-September 2017, compared to April-June 2017. The big winners were corporate/ commercial/ M&A, property, insurance and intellectual property. Other sectors were also up, including technology and media law, dispute resolution, employment and in-house roles. [...]

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Recruiting lawyers ready for digital disruption

Digital disruption, AI (artificial intelligence), legaltech – all these phrases have become synonymous with the change affecting traditional private practice. Lawyers are facing competition from unexpected quarters – the ‘Big 4’ professional services firms expanding their legal teams, while the ranks of in-house counsel also grow. In addition, startups and disruptive technology are turning their [...]

State of the Legal Market: Recruitment Update

Elias Recruitment brings you the latest state of play in the Australian legal market, drawing on the Urbis National Profile of Solicitors Report – Urbis (2016) and a review of the State of the Legal Market by Melbourne Law School and Thompson Reuters Peer Monitor (2016). The profession is growing, aging and diversifying The Australian [...]

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Legal in-house roles… four tips to make the move

Looking to move in-house but unsure of where to start? Jason Elias, Managing Director of Elias Recruitment talks through key considerations before you make your move, and what you can do to prepare and be best placed to land an in-house role. 1 Roles are often not advertised “Often in-house jobs are not advertised,” observed Jason. [...]

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Seven simple steps to go from good lawyer to SUPER lawyer!

When clients select a lawyer, technical skills and knowledge are the basics they expect of a good lawyer. What can take you to the next level and differentiate you to prospective clients and increase loyalty with your current clients? After speaking with a number of key HR managers, here are several tips to take you [...]

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Have the best jobs come to you!

How to position yourself for headhunting. A few touches to your mobile phone and your groceries, an Uber or a pizza come to you. So why not a job? Many of the best jobs are never advertised so how do you hear about them? Good employers know that the best lawyers are so busy running their practices [...]