How to position yourself for approaches (headhunting)

A few touches to your mobile phone and your groceries, an Uber or a pizza come to you. So why not a job? Many of the best jobs are never advertised so how do you hear about them? Good employers know that the best lawyers are so busy running their practices that they don’t have [...]

Getting your CV ready

A study by The Ladders found that professional recruiters give most resumes an initial 6 second review to look at key details before deciding whether to contact you for an interview. During that 6 second window recruiters are quickly scanning: Name Current title and employer Current position start date – and if you are still employed [...]

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Get your credentials and qualifications up to date

You need to ensure that you have been keeping up with all your CPD requirements, and also there are many additional courses and qualifications. We’d recommend our sister site, Bulletpoints ( as a marketplace that allows you to find, book and track all of your CPD requirements. Bulletpoints aggregates courses from over 25 different legal [...]

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What lawyers should ask before making the switch

As quoted in Lawyers Weekly 1 August 2019 With competition for talent at a record high, lawyers are presented abundance of choice in terms of their employer, however, an expert in the space says there are six things to consider before shaking up their career. Director at Elias Recruitment Jason Elias said before taking the leap [...]

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Getting your social media profile ready

You have made the decision to leave, and know what you are looking for. Now it’s time to start getting your social profiles in order. Why do this before your resume? Social profiles provide a point of verification Being easier to find means that opportunities will start to find you Having a strong personal brand [...]

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Deciding on your next job

Once you have gone through this process of self- assessment it’s possible you will make the decision that it’s time to start considering a change in your career. To make a strategic decision about your next role it’s important that you understand your own drivers and motivations better. As a first step in self-assessment, it’s [...]

Is it time to change jobs?

Before you take the leap, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: Am I being challenged in my current role? Am I still learning? Do I feel respected and appreciated? Am I developing new skills that will enhance my value? Can I see a future career path? Do I get up each Monday [...]

All I want for Christmas is…a more fulfilling job.

No doubt you have worked hard to get where you are today. Achieving the required education and qualifications takes years of dedication and late nights. Life's too short to be in a job you don't enjoy. This holiday season is a great time to take stock of your career. Without the pressure of doing the [...]

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The reverse interview | Top 3 interview questions to ask a potential employer

Most of the time when we’re job searching, we’re focused on how we can impress our future employer and get to the top of their candidate list. We present all the information they may need to know about us, do whatever we can to put our best foot forward and secure that job offer.  But [...]

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Legal market surges in third quarter FY18

Following a small seasonal Christmas dip, the market bounced back by nearly 50% in most areas. The first three calendar months of 2018 have seen a major growth in legal hiring, with a 50% increase in legal jobs advertised from the second to third quarter FY18 (compare results 'Legal market cools slightly in Second Quarter [...]

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