You only have one shot to make a great first impression  so excellent preparation is the key to a successful  interview.

Some of the key fundamentals include:

Dress appropriately. How you dress tells your  prospective bosses a great deal about who you are  and the kind of employee you would be. You should  wear appropriate business attire.

Be warm and polite with absolutely everyone  that you meet and speak with during the interview  process – that receptionist likely has significantly  more influence in the hiring decision than you realise.

Say it out loud. You should rehearse out loud your  personal elevator pitch on why you are a great fit for  the role, while also practise saying out loud 2-3 “mini  case studies” from your career that highlight your  strengths and suitability for the role. Be prepared to  answer the “tell me about yourself” question. Voicing  out loud prior to the interview will help you then be  more natural during the interview.

Take copies of your CV, cover letter and academic  transcripts just in case they are required.

Be prepared to deal with areas of concern. These  may include gaps between roles or education,  sudden changes in job direction or inadequate  results. Everyone has weaknesses apparent within  his/her CV. Avoid appearing regretful, protective or  insecure and be agreeable to discuss these weak  areas briefly but freely.

It is likely that near the end of the job interview you  will be given the time and opportunity to ask your  own questions. So it’s a great idea to anticipate this  with some well prepared questions on areas that may  not have come up during the actual interview itself.

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