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It’s always exciting when a business that has been in operation for already 23 plus years continues to grow and soar to new heights. After only placing high level professional Legal roles, Jason Elias saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled, mainly fuelled by a clients’ need to now source Legal /Business Support roles that would support the Lawyers they were hiring.

With a clear vision in mind Elias Recruitment approached Eva Wilson to assist in this very endeavour and for the last 6 months it’s proved to have been a fabulous decision. The success stems from Eva and Jason having a previous professional relationship for almost 12 years prior so the idea of bringing together two great recruitment minds was an obvious and successful business decision.  So successful that the new Business Support division has already grown, adding another Consultant to the team.

Ensuring success means we need to do things a little differently from the thousand plus agencies who operate in the same space and being unique and interesting in the way we recruit along with maintaining true professionalism is going to do just this. Let us introduce you to H.I.R.E (Human Intuitive Response Engagement). We really believe that every individual possesses a unique personality blueprint that defines their strengths, qualities, and potential. We can help you to decipher your future talent, ensuring a perfect alignment between your innate traits and the roles that you or they are destined to excel in. We are moving away from traditional guesswork and welcoming precision-guided recruitment by exploring what makes candidates tick, uncovering the perfect team dynamics and finding out what makes people thrive and achieve unparalleled harmony, communication, and innovation in the workplace. Professional astrology and wellness coaching meets cutting-edge talent acquisition strategies which can create an unparalleled synergy of personality alignment and corporate success.

Eva Wilson has been recruiting for over 27 years working with some of the best. Her reputation exceeds that of others and the way she recruits and her ethos of ‘do no harm’ will always remain the same. She has earned her stripes and success in the industry by conducting herself in a professional way with a unique ability to really read people and their energies (she has been studying professional astrology for the last 5 years) but most importantly looking at everyone as an individual and unearthing their strengths which can ensure a deep sense of purpose and engagement.

Briana Cowell has over 7 years Recruitment experience and 8 years working behind the scenes for a leading Recruitment software company. She brings with her a strong interest in Human Design evaluation and has an extraordinary ability to dive deep into what makes someone tick and how they can unlock their true talents and career aspirations.  Both Eva and Briana bring a fresh and unique style to recruitment by combining their corporate and professional backgrounds with a holistic way of recruiting resulting in a much higher emotional intelligence with both candidates and clients alike.

The world is in a constant state of evolution, and you need to keep up with such change. Our interview and client meetings can help you understand different influences, facilitating personal growth, and unlocking hidden potentials. Nurture a workforce that continuously evolves, adapts, and innovates. Embrace the future of recruitment by stepping into a new era of corporate recruitment, where holistic interviewing guides your business to unprecedented success.

If you would like to find out more about H.I.R.E then please get in touch with Eva or Briana who would be more than happy to discuss.  02 9555 711

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