Tips from Australian of the Year

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On Tuesday I attended a recruitment conference in Sydney. After a two year covid induced hiatus it was great to back with industry colleagues face to face.One of the key values of our organisation is lifelong learning and even after 23 years of recruiting there is still so much to learn. The latest tools to source great candidates, ways to make the process more streamlined and easier and new developments like Artificial Intelligence.

The highlight of the conference however was not recruitment related. It was the keynote speech by Australian of the Year,  Dylan Alcott. Dylan was born with a tumour wrapped around his spinal chord. His early years were spent in and out of hospital.

Through an amazing mindset, tenacity and a truckload of hard work, he rose to the top of two sports, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis. The medal pictured is his gold medal from Beijing 2008 (basketball), which he generously passed around the audience. Dylan is proud of who he was and his incredible achievements as he should be. His lesson was to be the best version of yourself. So I am making sure in my workplace, in my relationships and my career to emulate this remarkable Australian.

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