8 ways to build your personal brand with LinkedIn

Law is increasingly competitive with the rise of technological advances and changes in society. Gone are the days people just go to your company website. These days, many will check out your LinkedIn first.

Whether you’re job hunting, gathering leads or networking with clients, having a professional eye-catching LinkedIn profile will build your professional brand and ultimately help you be found by the right people.

Here are some quick LinkedIn profile tips to help you:

1. Your profile photo

Always begin with a professional, bright headshot. Make sure you are professionally dressed and presented. Try not to use a cropped photo with someone’s arm draped around your shoulder from a wedding. LinkedIn prioritises profiles that have a profile shot. And of course, make sure you are smiling!

2. It’s all about the story of you

Your profile should clearly articulate what it is you do, and the organisation you work for- maybe even include a reason as to why you love working for that particular organisation.

At Elias, we recommend you outline 5-6 of your greatest achievements. Remember to think of your target audience. Great and effective marketing is about identifying the needs of your target audience (in this case that sought after legal firm or company) and positioning your brand to meet with their demands. It’s exactly the same for a job candidate – you must offer the ideal solution; how you can bring value to their team.

If you’re not sure where to start – view bios and profiles of other LinkedIn members who stand out from the crowd.

3. Detail is good

That includes and is not limited to: skills, volunteer associations, etc. This is the platform to put all the quirky, interesting stuff that differentiates you from the rest that doesn’t fit on your resume.

Also, you should try to make your headline stand out. By default, LinkedIn populates your job title and current company, but you don’t have to leave it that way.

Quick tip: Add relevant links to your company website or other websites that will boost your profile.

4. Join groups (strategically)

The Groups function on LinkedIn is one of the most underrated features. You are allowed to join up to 100 groups, and we recommend utilising that full quota. A percentage of those groups should include industry groups. Aim to join groups where your clients or employers will be. If you’re a lawyer, join the Australian Legal Community with over 6,000 members. If there is no relevant group – we suggest making one.

5. Aim to increase relevant connections

This may appear obvious to many, but you should aim to increase your connections on LinkedIn. When a potential employer or prospective client engages with you on your profile – you will appear to have more credibility with the more common connections you have.

We recommend connecting with all of your email contacts and Linked In makes this really easy. Also, whenever you meet someone – connect with him or her. Met someone at a function or a CPD? Connect with them.

6. Be an expert- post original articles

If you have written a blog or legal article, make sure you share it with the groups, your status updates and of course publish on LinkedInwith Pulse.

7. Share great content

Use status updates to share industry relevant content to become the expert in your field – or at least appear to be. Posting high quality, relevant and interesting content (even if is not your own) increases your credibility as someone who is connected and in the know. Share your content with your connections and groups and encourage them to forward to their connections and hope it goes viral.

We recommend continuously staying up to date with industry insights and publications in your field and sharing whatever you believe appeals to your audience.

8. Have your connections endorse your skills and give recommendations

Recommendations are the currency of LinkedIn. Reach out to past colleagues, managers and associates and ask them to write a recommendation. Endorsements are less credible but if you have the maximum number 99 for any skill set this increases your reputation and image as an expert.

For more tips on enhancing your personal brand within the legal industry or information on how to get that coveted legal position, contact us today.

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