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Getting Candidates to Say Yes during Covid

After 21 years of recruiting, one of the most frustrating discussions is having to tell a client that the candidate has knocked back their offer. You get to the end of the process after numerous interviews and meetings and discussions and then find out that you are back at square

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New Year- Fresh Start

FY 21 wrap-up

I am writing this from lockdown in Sydney so how the latest outbreak affects business confidence is an unknown. Most lawyers I am speaking to are still very bullish and aggressively hiring and see the current outbreak as an inconvenient but temporary hiccup. We have noticed a few start dates

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Using Recruiters

Don’t throw away your shot

A few weeks ago, for my birthday, my family treated me to tickets to Hamilton the Musical. While I know next to nothing about the American Revolutionary War, the story was entertaining, the dancing memorable and the lyrics and musical incredible. One of the songs recounts a young Alexander Hamilton

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Simone Allan and NPAworldwide chair Jason Elias

Recruiter wins recognition for community services

Mondo Search founder Simone Allan has received NPAworldwide’s community service award, after she launched a charitable organisation during the pandemic. COVID-19 and the associated slowdown prompted Allan to think about her broader impact in the community, and specifically about the reported increase in domestic violence due to pandemic-related restrictions. She then launched

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Australian Law

Current state of the legal job market

After 21 years in legal recruitment, I thought I knew a thing or two about the market. After all I had lived through the 2001 Recession and the Global Financial Crisis. I predicted when Covid hit that there would be mass lay-offs and very few job requirements and a deluge

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Winning at Resignation

You got the job! Now, go get your resignation. Your Resignation Process CONGRATULATIONS ON ACCEPTING YOUR EXCITING OFFER! Now comes a tricky and potentially emotional step, your resignation. Resigning from a current job is never easy, but there are steps you can take to make the process efficient and less

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