Supporting RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service)

Elias Recruitment is proud to support the Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS), an independent community legal centre. For over 25 years, RACS has provided legal advice, case management and representation, advocacy for systemic reform, and community education on changes to Refugee law in Australia.

Our partnership allows us to provide RACS with pro bono recruiting and staff training services, so the team at RACS can continue to offer free, specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum and refugees seeking to reunite with their families. For more information about our partnership with RACS, or to learn more about what RACS does, please visit their partnerships page.

Proud Zoo Parent to Taronga Zoo’s Meerkats

Elias Recruitment is pleased to be a Zoo Parent to Taronga Zoo’s meerkats. As a zoo parent, Elias Recruitment assist the zoo in its wildlife conservation and the continuation of the zoo’s activities. The meerkat is the official mascot of Elias Recruitment – much like the humble meerkat, as recruiters we are always on the lookout for new opportunities for our candidates and clients. To find out more about Taronga Zoo’s Adopt an Animal program, visit their website.

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Carbon Action

At Elias Recruitment, we’re committed to sustainability.Our recent initiative is partnering with CarbonInvoice to take Carbon Action. CarbonInvoice allows us to accurately measure our carbon intensity using real data, take action by funding the planting of native trees, and communicate and engage our community. Elias Recruitment’s sustainable initiative of CarbonInvoice means that for every placement we make, we plant a native tree. It’s our way of giving back to the planet and creating a greener future, one hire at a time.

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