Finding the best candidates across Australia

We are constantly striving to achieve success for our clients in filling their roles. Here are some of the latest positions we have filled:

  • FDRP| regional Victoria
  • General Counsel, FMCG corporate | Sydney
  • Litigation Manager, law firm | Brisbane
  • Native Title Lawyer, not-for-profit | Broome
  • Director, Education Program, leading educational provider | Sydney
  • In house lawyer, not-for-profit | Alice Springs
  • Litigation Manager, law firm | Sydney
  • Solicitor, community legal centre | regional VIC
  • Solicitor, law firm | Melbourne


Where to from here?

If you have any actual or pending vacancies or recruitment issues, please let us know. We are happy to discuss in person, on the phone or via email as to what we can do to assist.

“After six months of searching and exhausting our network of colleagues and friends in the industry, we approached Elias Recruitment to place professional staff in our business. Jason’s response was always prompt, friendly and professional. Importantly for us, he also provided us with an introduction to the right person for our business.
Dealing with Jason was always a pleasure and nearly always a laugh.”
Merridy Elphick, Solicitor/Director, Burke Elphick & Mead