Advertising for In-House roles

There should be a degree in creating a job title and posting an ad. What responsibilities does the title imply? Will it fit on an email signature or business card? Will it date? Will it offend an existing team member? We think there is one other really big factor that an employer needs to consider…..will the ad attract clicks?

Apart from the years of experience in interviewing, pre-qualifying, reference checking and matching candidates to jobs, the other great reason to use a specialist recruiter is we know how to draft great ads. At Elias Recruitment – one of the oldest specialist legal recruitment agencies in Australia, we know how to maximise clicks. Firstly, we know what job titles and keywords are trending with great candidates at any point in time. We are also constantly monitoring the performance of our ads and, even after just 24 hours, we can tell if our keywords or job summary needs tweaking in order to attract the kind of candidate we need. 

Let’s use in-house roles as an example. On any given day, we will see ads for in-house roles described as “In-house Counsel”, “Corporate Legal”, “In-house Lawyer”, “General Counsel” or ”Corporate Counsel”. Even a little thing like whether to put the hyphen in “inhouse” can make a big difference to an advertiser’s search results. So what is the best title to use when advertising an in-house counsel role? The answer might be different than you think. Call one of our consultants at Elias Recruitment and find out. 

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