Coolest in-house counsel jobs in the world

Of course what makes a “cool” in-house counsel job will swing on individual interests or even what is going on in the world but we have listed some of the sectors to work in which will instantly make you the most interesting person to talk to in any room. 

  1. Tech Giants: Working as in-house counsel for leading technology companies like Atlassian, Google, Apple, Meta or Amazon can offer the opportunity to work on cutting-edge legal issues at the forefront of technology and innovation. These companies often deal with complex legal challenges related to intellectual property, data privacy, and all things artificial intelligence. 
  2. Entertainment and Media: There is so much going on in this sector right now, it’s crazy. In-house counsel roles at major entertainment companies such as Disney, Warner Media, Netflix, or Sony Pictures can be exciting due to involvement in negotiating deals for film rights, intellectual property, content licensing agreements, and navigating the evolving landscape of generative AI and digital media distribution.
  3. Start-ups and Venture Capital: Nothing will get your heart racing like working with a  start up where you can sit alongside founders and help realise a vision. Serving as in-house counsel for start-ups or venture capital firms can be dynamic and fast-paced. It involves advising on a wide range of legal matters, including corporate governance, financing rounds, intellectual property protection, and regulatory compliance. Start-ups often offer the opportunity to work closely with founders and make a significant impact on the company’s growth trajectory.
  4. Sports and Gaming Industry: Working as in-house counsel for professional sports teams, leagues, or gaming companies can be exhilarating, particularly for sports enthusiasts. This role may involve negotiating player contracts, sponsorship agreements, broadcast rights, and navigating the regulatory landscape of sports betting and e-sports. 
  5. Non-profit and Social Impact Organizations: In-house counsel roles at non-profit organisations or social impact companies offer the opportunity to combine legal expertise with a passion for making a difference in the world. This could involve addressing legal challenges related to social justice, environmental sustainability, human rights, or access to education and healthcare.

Ultimately, the coolest in-house counsel job is one that aligns with your interests, values, and career goals, whether it is at a high-profile tech company, a creative industry powerhouse, a socially conscious organisation, or a start-up on the brink of disruption. These roles also provide a great pathway to working on boards. 

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