Career health check for lawyers

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To be happy at work, many of us seek out a positive culture, good relationships with co-workers and an understanding or inspiring boss.

But while it’s reassuring to be in a company we like with people we know, being too complacent has the potential to derail our career. If we’re constantly looking inwards, we can become unaware of changes afoot in our industry.

For no fee, recruiters can tell you what you should be worth and what other opportunities are out there. Knowledge is power and you can use it to persuade your current employer to come to the party with a better offer. Or you may decide to move on.

With the economy in such a positive cycle, no professionals are laughing harder than lawyers. Every start-up, every green shoot, every deal needs a lawyer. Transactional, commercial, corporate, property and employment lawyers are in demand.

Jason Elias, a former lawyer who has run legal recruitment business Elias Recruitment for 18 years, says he’s never seen the market so buoyant. ‘‘There’s more demand now for experienced lawyers than there has ever been,’’ he says. ‘‘All the areas where deals are being done and businesses are being active, that’s where we’re really busy.’’ Capital cities are the busiest, he says, but there is also regional work available.

While firms have their pick of law graduates, when it comes to more experienced roles requiring five- to 15 years’ experience, candidates are regularly receiving multiple offers.

‘‘A year or two ago a law firm could post an advertisement on a job site and there was a pretty good chance they’d find a person good enough to hire,’’ says Elias.

‘‘What they’re finding now is that demand is outstripping supply, so they’re not getting the results they used to and they’re coming to us for help.’’

Elias has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle, with national and international affiliates through his involvement with the world’s largest recruitment network, NPAWorldwide, for which he sits on the global board of directors.

Elias regularly refers candidates to other NPA members in different market sectors or geographies if they have roles that may be more suitable.

‘‘So not only do you get access to my jobs, you get access to 500 companies worldwide with a shared database,’’ he says.

A few years ago, NPA awarded Elias the annual chairman’s award, recognition that fuelled interstate growth and saw his business reach new heights.

These days he says his role is not just finding people jobs, but also guiding them as a career mentor.

‘‘Lawyers need to feel there is somebody in their corner who can give them sound advice and tell them what they should be earning or what career move they should be making,’’ he says.

‘‘I’m very happy for people to come and see me and let me show them what’s in the market. They don’t have to take the jobs. Many just have no idea of the opportunities out there.’’

The legal jobs market is booming – don’t miss out. With 18 years track record placing lawyers, Elias Recruitment can connect you to the right law firm, government and in-house opportunities. Find out about the jobs not listed elsewhere, contact us on (02) 9555 5711 or email [email protected]

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