It’s a great market for lawyers on the move

If you are thinking of a change this year, now is the time to start job hunting!

If you no longer love your job, you feel ambushed by a merger, your career progression has stagnated, you are under appreciated or you just want more flexibility or a pay rise – it’s a great time to be a lawyer.

Don’t you wish you sold your house, shares or bitcoin at the top of the market? Well as far as career changes go, now is a great time to consider a forward career step.

Employment grew for a 17th consecutive month in February and so it’s a great time to be a candidate. Elias Recruitment has been swamped with new job orders from a range of clients including law firms, in-house and even government… did you know we were recently appointed to a government panel? We have even opened offices in Queensland and Victoria to help our candidates on the ground.

Clients are busy and crying out for good quality lawyers and are even prepared to offer a decent premium for lawyers with the right experience. The main areas of demand at the moment are corporate, property, litigation, IT, estate planning, family law and construction.

There is also an increasing demand for lawyers with some client following to join with firms and leverage their practice (at the same time as offloading their admin and overheads) and gain referrals from other practitioners.

So, if you:

  • don’t like your current role
  • feel that you are unfairly compensated
  • believe there is little chance for progression
  • dislike the culture of the organisation
  • don’t get along with your boss
  • want to find something a little closer to home
  • are seeking more flexibility

… take a look at our jobs on offer here.

For those looking for a chance to escape the traffic, house prices and rat race of the big cities, we also have some exciting regional roles in Adelaide, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Mildura, Broome and Swan Hill.

Most of our clients work with us exclusively so we can provide our candidates with a better matching service, detailed information to make the right choice and first-hand experience of the intangible elements like the team dynamics and firm culture.

What’s your next move? Arrange a time to meet with us for a complimentary coffee and a chat (you “Keep” the Cup). Email [email protected] to book a time.

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