Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does Elias Recruitment Assist?

Elias Recruitment assists people who are looking for a new opportunity in the legal space and organisations looking to hire people in the legal space.

To What Roles Do We Specialise In?

Elias Recruitment focuses on the placement of lawyers, support staff and shared services.


What Type of Roles Are We Typically Recruiting For?

Solicitors, Senior Associates, Legal Counsel, Government Lawyers, Lawyers in the Not-for-Profit space, In-house Legal Teams

For Which Organisations Do We Typically Assist

  • Small to Medium Size Law Firms
  • Not-for-profits
  • Commonwealth Government

Can Elias Recruitment Assist Legal Graduates?

Generally speaking, our clients do not brief us on graduate roles. Clients are able to find graduates independent of agencies, so in order to save fees, they tend to recruit directly. Occasionally Elias Recruitment will receive graduate brief, but these tend to be for harder to fill roles or in regional or remote locations.

Can Elias Recruitment Assist Overseas Admitted Practitioners

Lawyers we meet in the New Zealand are able to work in Australia. Due to the trans-Tasman mutual recognition agreement, lawyers from all other countries will need to re-qualify. For more info Information about practising in Australia, please see our blog link.

What Do Our Services Cost For Jobseekers?

Elias Recruitment do not charge jobseekers for our service, our fees are paid by employers when we assist in finding talent.

Why Would I Use A Recruiter Instead Of Going Directly?

The Job search process is a time intensive and often laborious project. Just as lawyers are experts in their field, recruitment consultants a highly experienced and experts in the job searching process. Elias Recruitment has developed networks over 20 years which we can use to your advantage in helping to find new opportunities, secure interviews and extend the reach you would not otherwise have. Having an independent third party, especially during the salary negotiation process, often leads to a smoother process and a more favourable outcome. Our services to candidates are also completely free.

What If I Would Like to Work Overseas?

Australian lawyers have often been in demand in overseas jurisdictions. We have a reputation of being knowledgeable and hard-working. Australian lawyers often work in jurisdictions such as the USA, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. To make available to Australian lawyers this opportunity, we have partnered with local recruiters on the ground around the world who have excellent connections and networks in their local legal markets. If you would like to connect with any of these local experts, please let us know.

Where Does Elias Recruitment Work?

Elias Recruitment works across Australia and we have consultants based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We also have affiliates in other states and territories.

What our clients and candidates have to say

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