Negotiating your salary in a declining job market

As quoted in Legal Practice Intelligence Publication | 7 November 2019

Since May 2019, the number of Solicitor positions advertised on the internet* has declined each month. For each of those months the decline has been getting bigger as a percentage compared to the previous year. Job ads for Solicitors in September 2019 were down by 11% compared to September 2018.

This is almost double the decline compared to the all-occupations category.

Director at Elias Recruitment Jason Elias says “Much like interviews, successful salary negotiation happens BEFORE any conversation. Being well prepared will make you a lot more successful.

Know industry ranges so that you know what is realistic for any given role. An excellent resource is the website which is a real time database of actual salaries. Feel free to add yours and see a comparison. Glassdoor while not legally specific may have some useful information.

Always remember that it is a collaboration – not a fight.

Speak with your recruiter about what is realistic.” [read the full article here…]

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