Six Ideas for painless CPD points

Building up your CPD points doesn’t have to feel like a chore. There are ways to meet your requirements while actually enjoying yourself.

Today we’ve done the legwork and found six of the best options coming up soon:

  1. Six Thinking Hats with Rebecca Stewart, Managing Director, Chalmers International

Dr Edward de Bono’s system is still one of the most effective ways to help you (and the people around you) generate high quality solutions to everyday challenges. It’s particularly useful if you need to bring together team members who have different attitudes to problem solving, or if you regularly deal with circular, unproductive meetings.

  1. Superstar Lawyer with Shelley Dunstone, Principal, Legal Circles

We all know how important our personal brand is, but what are the concrete things that you need to do to make sure you stand out? In this course Shelley Dunstone shares her expertise from over 30 years in the legal profession, along with her passion for helping lawyers build careers they truly enjoy.

  1. Mindfulness Bootcamp with Dr Paul Phillips, Psychologist

Over the past ten years the word ‘mindfulness’ has shed its new-age undertones and is now seen as a key tool for stress reduction in the workplace. In this course, Dr Paul Phillips shares how easy it is to learn mindfulness techniques and how quickly they can start to make a big difference to your daily work routine.

  1. Meditation in a Mad Minute with Nigel Myers, Solicitor

It’s easy to write off meditation as something a busy legal professional couldn’t possibly have time for. But what most people don’t realise is that mediation is not only simple to learn and practice, but it can also have hugely positive effects on your mood and your productivity.

  1. Business Development for Law Firms with Sue-Ella Prodonovich, Director, Prodonovich Advisory, ALPMA Speaker of the Year

With experience of the inner-workings of successful law firms in Australia and the USA, Sue-Ella Prodonovich knows a thing or two about winning work. In this practical course, she brings together ideas from both sides of the Pacific, showing how you can put your ideas for winning new business into action, without interrupting the flow of work for your current clients.

  1. Triple Your Memory and Confidence, and Halve Your Stress with Jonathan Robinson, Senior Associate, Frank Sanitate Associates

Who would turn down a chance to remember more and stress less? If you feel like you’re running on fumes, this course will give you practical ways to get back in the game, covering everything from remembering names and faces to staying motivated and maintaining work-life balance.

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Jason Elias runs Elias Recruitment, a boutique legal recruitment consultancy specialising in finding lawyers for law firms, NFPs and corporate in house teams. Jason is also co-founder of – a one-stop shop that simplifies CPD for lawyers. Get in touch at [email protected]

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