Use WD-40 to make your next job search smoother

Ok maybe not literally.

We all know WD-40 the trusty anti-corrosive, right? Bet you didn’t know that the ‘WD’ stands for ‘Water Displacement’, but of more relevance is the ‘40’. Inventor Nom Larsen spent 5 years and had 39 failed attempts before he cracked it – hence WD-40.

Sometimes job hunting can seem a bit like the first 39 attempts, but stick with it as the right opportunity may be that one attempt away. Here are a few pointers to help you get there.

Is your CV doing you justice?

Your CV is really the first hurdle and the main factor in whether you get an interview. Make sure you sell yourself in the right light. There’s an old joke that the only time a person is perfect is on their CV. Try to address the selection criteria for the role in your CV and make sure you highlight your relevant accomplishments eg. University prizes, commendations at work, and achievements on the job. We are always happy to assist candidates in preparing their CV’s for our roles.

Preparation is essential

Have you done your research on the role, the interviewers and the firm? LinkedIn is a great starting point. Remember how much you studied for each University exam which is only one mark on a transcript? Well, make sure you spend an equally appropriate time preparing for interviews. The market is competitive so invest the time in presenting yourself in the best light possible.

First impressions count

Make sure you are dressed appropriately and you’re professionally presented. Did you arrive early? A good confident handshake and eye contact will help break the ice.

That feeling of confidence

There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Like most things in life, the key is a delicate balance of promoting yourself without looking like you’re just blowing your own trumpet. Try phrases like “I was lucky enough to have worked on this major matter where we secured a really positive outcome for our ASX listed client”, than just boasting.

The reject shock

Getting turned down from a job interview is not the best feeling in the world but some roles, especially inhouse can have up to 100 candidates. Whilst many employers are fearful of litigation, some will share tips on how you can improve. Sometimes not getting the job can be a blessing in disguise. Whatever the case, take these tips into consideration and learn from the job application experience. Remember, we deal with 1000’s of lawyers each year and nobody is intentionally out of work for long.

Partner with a recruiter

Having an experienced and well connected recruiter in your corner makes a difference. Often they can open doors for you or if they have a good relationship with the clients can create opportunities. A number of years ago we had a Partner from a Canadian law firm who wanted to move to Australia. Most firms were not game to take them on however one client trusted us enough to interview her. She was successful in being hired and made partner in no time at all.

Looking for your next career opportunity? Take a look at the current roles we have on offer, visit our Job Seekers page.

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