Are you looking for a recruiter?

Just speak to Elias Recruitment.

Seriously though, with almost 20 years of being dedicated legal recruitment specialists and helping legal professionals move both within practice and into in-house legal roles, we are a safe pair of hands with your next career transition. We can offer expert advice and insight into which opportunities will best suit your career ambitions.

Also, Elias Recruitment is a longstanding member of the NPAworldwide global network, the largest recruitment network that partners cooperatively to service clients around the globe. As the only legal recruiting firm in Sydney to be a member, our candidates have access to positions from over 1,500 recruiters worldwide.

Given that we do have some bias, here are the key questions that you should be asking yourself before you choose a recruitment agency to partner with on finding your next role:

  1. Are they a dedicated legal recruitment agency that understand the profession?
  2. Am I dealing with an experienced recruitment consultant within that agency? Do they have their 10,000 hours of experience working in the legal world or in recruitment?
  3. Has the agency been running for long enough to establish deep and true partnerships within the legal industry?
  4. Is the agency able to offer opportunities across a broad spread of industries, geographies that suit my needs?
  5. Are they a member of the RCSA that subscribe to an industry code of ethics?

It’s also worth remembering that you are better off partnering with a single, high quality recruiter that is able to represent you to multiple different firms.

For additional career advice contact Jason Elias on [email protected]

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