Deciding on which legal job to accept

Now that you have some more information about the job, the organisation and the people, you are in a strong position to reflect on whether this opportunity is a good match for you. The next step is to ask yourself some questions to see how closely the role aligns to your strengths, interests and personal values. 

  • Do the day-to-day tasks sound like something I could do and enjoy?
  • Is there enough challenge in the daily role to keep me interested?
  • Could I contribute something and learn new skills in this role?
  • Does the work environment sound like it will suit my style?
  • Does the organisation value the same things that I do?
  • Have I enjoyed interacting with the people I met at interview?
  • Does the team sound well-structured and cohesive?
  • Could I learn something from my team members or manager?

Asking yourself these questions is especially useful if you are trying to decide between a couple of different opportunities, as it will give you a point of comparison.

And remember – as wonderful as it is to receive a job offer, this is your career and you have something valuable to offer, so ask questions and think carefully so that you can choose wisely. Often a recruitment agent can provide useful feedback on what it is like to work in each environment. Obviously some will have a vested interest if there are offers that are not from them, which is why it is good to stick with one recruiter.

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