Don’t throw away your shot

A few weeks ago, for my birthday, my family treated me to tickets to Hamilton the Musical.

While I know next to nothing about the American Revolutionary War, the story was entertaining, the dancing memorable and the lyrics and musical incredible.

One of the songs recounts a young Alexander Hamilton champing at the bit at his opportunity to create change with the anticipated revolution and push for American independence. He sings proudly that he “is not throwing away his shot. “

So while not advocating a call to arms or any violence whatsoever,  I do recommend we take our current opportunities.

Economies across the world are rebounding, talent is short and clients are reaching out to recruiters every day. We have an unprecedented opportunity for lawyers. We are seeing juicy pay increases, increased flexibility and promotions.

Firms who were only looking at candidates from big brand firms are finally seeing the value in hiring from wider range of firm backgrounds.

This is a great time for lawyers so make the most of it. Our national team of consultants are there to advance your career.

Tap into our networks and contacts today.

Do not throw away your shot.

Call Elias Recruitment.

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