Legal Job Interview Questions

Preparing for legal job interview questions can be quite traumatic, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare.

Preparing for a job interview

So your job search may be coming to an end. All you need to do is get past the upcoming interview. So here’s what you do.

Be prepared to strengthen spotty parts of your resume, such as gaps between roles or education, sudden changes in job direction or inadequate results. Everyone has weaknesses apparent within his/her CV. Experienced job interviewers will swiftly note those challenges for additional grilling. Avoid appearing regretful, protective or insecure and be agreeable to discuss these weak areas briefly but freely.

Take copies of your legal job application and academic transcript just in case they are required during the interview.

It is likely that near the end of the job interview you will be given the time and opportunity to ask your own questions. So it’s a great idea to anticipate this with some well prepared questions on ares that may not have come up during the actual interview itself.

What to Wear or NOT to wear

How you dress tells your prospective bosses a great deal about you are and the kind of employee you would be). You should tailor dress code appropriately. Before deciding how you will present yourself, try to find out what that law firm’s employees would typically wear to work and try to mimic that style, if appropriate.

Below are some common questions that are always asked in a law interview (And How To Answer Them)

Preparing for these will help you know How to Ace the Law Firm Interview.

Common Questions Asked During Law Job Interviews

Legal job interview questions

Tell me a little about yourself, particularly something that won’t be on your resume. ( Here’s a great link to check out )

How would certainly your friends and/or past colleagues describe you?

Exactly how would you describe yourself as a person?

What are your outside interests as well as hobbies?

Why did you choose to practice law/ why did you go to law school ?

Tell me about your greatest success at any of the firms you have worked for?

Exactly what are your strengths/weaknesses?

Exactly what would make you a professional legal advocate?

What’s the most significant error in judgement you’ve ever made at any law firms?

Are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone?


If you are asked about some of your weaknesses, stress your excellent qualities and the topics that you enjoyed. You could even transform a weak points or past blunders into something favourable by talking briefly regarding just how you have grown, or even exactly what you have actually picked up from the experience.

The majority of the difficult inquiries you may deal with during an interview will be generic interview questions. Take some time to expect the kinds of questions most likely to be asked in your interviews. Think carefully about what your answers would be without making them appear practiced. When you are reflecting on a possible response to a question, it is important to empathise with the interviewer’s reasoning behind the question itself. Your interviewer could postulate imaginary scenarios or even questions about substantive areas of legislation. By posing these kinds of inquiries, job interviewers are attempting to assess how well you can reason and also evaluate your thinking process. Your capability of articulating a strong reply is oftentimes more vital than generating the correct solution, or coming across as a specialist on the relevant case law.


Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

What were your accountabilities/responsibilities in your prior work experiences?

What did you particularly enjoy/dislike about that role?

Why did you leave your prior employment?

During law studies, what extracurricular activities did you participate in?

What was the issue you argued in Moot Court?

Do you think your study scores are a good indicator of your academic achievement?

Do you think they are an appropriate indication of your ability to do well at this law firm?

Obviously, questioning on the following areas are to be expected:

General personal and professional background

Experience and qualifications

Reason for applying for this particular legal job

Looking down the track – Career objectives

Current events relating to the legal career or careers you are hoping to enter

Law and Legislative questions and skills ( these are seldom a main focus though, but it is best to be prepared )

Legal job interview questions & answers

Here are some questions you should ask the interviewing panel:

What is the immediate need in your law firm that you are hoping to address with this legal position?

How your law firm/legal organisation defines success?

What would a typical day on this legal team look like for me ?


We hope this has been a helpful guide that will ensure that you prepared for ANY legal job interview questions that may come your way.


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