Getting your CV ready

getting your social media profile ready

A study by The Ladders found that professional recruiters give most resumes an initial 6 second review to look at key details before deciding whether to contact you for an interview. During that 6 second window recruiters are quickly scanning: Name Current title and employer Current position start date – and if you are still … Read more

Get your credentials and qualifications up to date

You need to ensure that you have been keeping up with all your CPD requirements, and also there are many additional courses and qualifications. We’d recommend our sister site, Bulletpoints ( as a marketplace that allows you to find, book and track all of your CPD requirements. Bulletpoints aggregates courses from over 25 different legal … Read more

Is it time to change jobs?

is it time to change jobs

Before you take the leap, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: Am I being challenged in my current role? Am I still learning? Do I feel respected and appreciated? Am I developing new skills that will enhance my value? Can I see a future career path? Do I get up each Monday … Read more

Legal market surges in third quarter FY18

market surges in legal jobs

Following a small seasonal Christmas dip, the market bounced back by nearly 50% in most areas. The first three calendar months of 2018 have seen a major growth in legal hiring, with a 50% increase in legal jobs advertised from the second to third quarter FY18 (compare results ‘Legal market cools slightly in Second Quarter … Read more

Legal market cools slightly in Second Quarter FY18

The end of 2017 saw a slight drop in legal hiring, with a slight 4.49% decrease in legal jobs advertised from the first to second quarter FY18. This may in part be due to the Christmas break, with many offices winding down activity over summer. This reflects an overall buoyancy in the legal market, led … Read more

Six things lawyers can learn from a workplace culture legend

Ronnie Altit is passionate about creating great corporate culture. As founder and CEO of IT Company Insentra, Ronnie saw Insentra place fourth out of 150 companies in the 2017 Great Places to Work survey. Speaking at the inaugural Legal HR Meetup, Ronnie shared six major insights into how he fostered a happy and collaborative corporate … Read more

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