State of the Legal Market: Recruitment Update

Elias Recruitment brings you the latest state of play in the Australian legal market, drawing on the Urbis National Profile of Solicitors Report – Urbis (2016) and a review of the State of the Legal Market by Melbourne Law School and Thompson Reuters Peer Monitor (2016). The profession is growing, aging and diversifying The Australian … Read more

Legal in-house roles… four tips to make the move

in-house roles

Looking to move in-house but unsure of where to start? Jason Elias, Managing Director of Elias Recruitment talks through key considerations before you make your move, and what you can do to prepare and be best placed to land an in-house role. 1 Roles are often not advertised “Often in-house jobs are not advertised,” observed … Read more

Top five mistakes candidates make – and how to avoid them


As recruiters, we hear, see and are sometimes purely surprised by some of the easily avoided but common mistakes we see in the recruitment process. Here are some tips to help you along the recruitment process. 1. Overdoing a cover letter There are circumstances that do require cover letters. Cover letters are not the place … Read more

Use WD-40 to make your next job search smoother


Ok maybe not literally. We all know WD-40 the trusty anti-corrosive, right? Bet you didn’t know that the ‘WD’ stands for ‘Water Displacement’, but of more relevance is the ‘40’. Inventor Nom Larsen spent 5 years and had 39 failed attempts before he cracked it – hence WD-40. Sometimes job hunting can seem a bit … Read more

8 ways to build your personal brand with LinkedIn

Law is increasingly competitive with the rise of technological advances and changes in society. Gone are the days people just go to your company website. These days, many will check out your LinkedIn first. Whether you’re job hunting, gathering leads or networking with clients, having a professional eye-catching LinkedIn profile will build your professional brand … Read more

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